Free software, come and get your free software…

Hands up how many of you use Open Source  (I’ve got my hand up high just for visual reference). OK, how many of you who don’t use it… hands up if you don’t use it because you think its buggy or not fully featured? Now; I’m betting that 50% of those of you who don’t use open source have your hands up.

Now; the thing is that yes there will be bugs in open source software; but I can bet percentage wise is only as many as in commercial software and maybe possibly less. Reason I say that is I have worked as a Software Engineer for some BIG companies and know the number of bugs caught by customers – and these are million pound systems.

So, what I mean to say is that in actual fact you will probably only find as many bugs in a open source software item as in a commercial released.

It is true though that some open source software may not be as feature rich as commercial because they don’t have a full time dedicated team working on them.That said though, in most cases those extra’s may not be worth the price you pay for them. I mean; take for consideration something like KDENLive as a prime example. This is an excellent open source video editor program that has many more and better features than some of the lower, cheaper end commercial editors. Only the Pro editors really have much better features.

There are also many open source programs out there that do things there are now commercial equivalents for. You want office, you can get it, you want password crackers…

Games.. office suites, video editors.. there is an endless list, far many to keep going on about. Go check a few out – go do a search on and save yourself some money in this expensive time we live in..

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