The right SEO can make or break your site, and its a tricky fine line

Really the title says it all but I will spend a little time waffling on in here to expand on this comment.. So, this comment comes from two recent things I have worked on. First one is our new trading website which I have mentioned before. We are offering quite a wide variety of services which we have between us and so have quite a wide keyword catchment.

Second reference is a recent (in the last few days) review I have done on Link-Assistant SEO PowerSuite software package. This package is a collection of four SEO applications to help you with your SEO (although no magic buttons). SEO is made easier with the tools; well if you use the tools right; but your end production is only as good as your beginning.

So, keywords, backlinks, these are words you will need to become familiar with if you are to get good SEO. But what is a good keyword? Answer is one with a good KEI (keyword efficiency index) which basically is a calculation using number you give in relation to your site content, number of searches for keyword per month and number of competitors. Well actually is number of searches*number of searches/competitors. But by adding your own weight to it allows you to define keywords important to your site.

Backlinks are a little more simple to define but more difficult to do. Basically a backlink is a link to your website from another website. So for example; if you have setup a forum user name for X forum and you put in your web address. If a search engine like say google comes across that link while crawling this X forum then that is a backlink for you. The more backlinks, the higher page rating, the higher you appear in the search engine results. Simple see, though this requires lots of work putting in backlinks on all these other pages. Also takes time and energy finding sites for backlinks.

So, that’s my waffle to expand on my title. Maybe I’ll do a bigger explanation on this in future. This in its self is the most simplex example I could do as for SEO there is more involved than just this. However, these small tips will help increase that all important page ranking.

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