Those illusive quality high PageRanked sites for backlinks, where are they

So my hunt continues to improve the search ranking of our new site in that finding some good quality backlinks.

So I’ve had a good chuckle to myself over the last 12-24 hours after seeing some quality (being sarcastic) backlink sales stuff on ebay. Now I do see some people selling backlinks on PR7 etc sites and not sure if this is just that they post on a PR7 site forum with your link (which constitutes to spam) or if legit and their site. But on the other side of the spectrum I saw a few selling 40000 backlinks for a fiver.. Maybe ten pound for another.

OK, so lets put this into perspective. 40000 backlinks.. So, it sounds to me that this is firstly a bot that will be putting those links up and its going to be 40000 PR0 or similar backlinks. Just to quantify this a little, I have another site that I have had up for around a year now (just going through a change).. On the original site I put a open forum. Now; I have left this open and i don’t admin it as its been a point of interest and reference for me. This now gets around 600 posts a day from similar link bots – probably from people (and companies) selling a promise of 40000 links.

So, I wanted to shout out, say no.. 40000 PR0 backlinks are quantity but not quality. Give me 10 PR7 backlinks any day over 40000 spam to forums.

So, I’m now on the lookout for some PR4 and above sites for backlink. Putting together a links page at TechnologistPR website because I believe if I can get a good ranking myself then its time to share. And if you have any suggested sites please do let me know.

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