QR Codes, am I late to the party or still in with the flow

So, above you can see a QR code (or Quick Response code) which basically is our new website encoded into the image.So, not sure if I need to explain in detail about QR codes but to be honest if have any questions its better to go to the wiki here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code as that has the details.

So we can see they have been around for a while and are now being more widely used; pepsi have had them on their cans for a while for example. But do we really need one? I mean, people are still going to see you text, webpage, etc without but to be honest they look kewl AND the inquisitive like myself will scan everyone they come across which may get more of your content viewed -although doesn’t mean that your going to sell any service(s) or goods.

But to my title a little; am I late (are you late). Simple answer is no; this is I believe in the early flow as more and more people take up QR Codes. However,  do you need one? Well yes is a short answer as it doesn’t hurt generating one (and on the web takes just a few seconds). However, your lively hood is not going to take a hit without one..

If wanting to generate just go type QR Code generate in that google search bar…  Enjoy

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