How to blog for money – eye opener

Before I begin, don’t get me wrong I do have advertising links and Amazon affiliate stuff on my blog(s) as its would be nice to earn a little for content. Though I have to say I don’t 🙂  so I don’t think earning from blogging is a bad thing but things can be an eye opener.

Out of an interest I decided to go to and search for “how to blog for money”; surprisingly it returned 3,750,000,000 results… So 3.75 billion results from that simple search.. I mean, the sheer number of blogs and sites that have this is immense. With such a number of people in the entire world of the Internet trying to earn money you either have to be outstanding OR lucky, or expect little cash…

Needless to say we are not condoling clicking on links just for sake of clicking as this doesn’t do anyone any good – advertising is only to be clicked on to find out more about item advertised. This blog post is more about opening peoples eyes that if trying to earn money for a blog then you may not get as much; if any; as you expect…

See the other 3,749,999,999 of you around 🙂

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  1. A good reality check. Is not it?

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