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How popular do you need to be to get Google to reverse decisions? Lets try an experiment

This is something I have wondered about for some time… Little history; about 2 years ago I started a website and had adsense on it. Idea was for on website and to use on my youtube channel to get a little cash together for buying review items, give aways and all that stuff. Anyhow, someone decided to click bomb and that was the end of that; 2 months it was up.. O well.

So that the history; and tale is that Google around 99% of time won’t reinstate from what I have heard (and my attempt to get reinstated). If fact it seems like that have a automated system that says nope..

So, this brings me to my thought. I wander how big your youtube or blogger channel would have to be to get them to reinstate your adsense. I mean, currently I have around 642 subscribers on youtube although not all seem active. I have some good videos and some not so good etc. But at 642 they won’t listen. Would you need to have 6000 followers (I have seen mention of people loosing adsense at this level). What about 10000+? 60000? 100000? How many subscribers or blog followers would you need?

I know this won’t happen but I would love to try an experiment. I would love to be in a position to test out how many subscribers or followers it would take? At which point would google listen?

So, if you want to help me carry out this experiment (and potentially get me in a position to do some more give aways to everyone in community) the go and sub and retweet, reblog, re-video blog, or whatever. Lets us see how many people it requires.. This could be your opportunity to be heard by google – saying; hey.. listen to us you big company you…

Of course I know this probably won’t happen.. 😦  but I can live in hope of you few that will take this cause, feel like being part of this experiment and maybe get word out. It only takes a few to start…

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