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One for the sm.. Well big guy

So, its been reported that HTC have won a case against Apple over the swipe to unlock feature. Now personally I think this is a good thing as if Apple had won then Android phones would have to rethink along with lots of other OS.

No I like Apple products, don’t get me wrong; but I hate the way that they are so tied in to Apple only and they hold a hammer fist approach to most things which drives up the costs. That’s one reason why I do have more software, hardware, etc in my PC – although I do love my little Mac Mini (ya). But more and more Apple seem to be trying to hold down everyone (like Samsung) which is quite funny as these little guys provide some of the vital parts for things like iPad screens – but there you go..?? Anyhow, ya to HTC.

That said, I then saw a story in the news about Android phones being used as botnet some researchers have found? Evidence has been uncovered, it reckons, that spam has / is being sent to Yahoo mail servers by Android devices. Now this is scary from my perspective as imagine the phone bill of all that potential data usage 🙂  that is unless these botnet softwares only do it when plugged into wifi.. Would that be a user friendly botnet? I would presume that people writing these botnet softwares wouldn’t care about your bill??? So; if had an Android phone (like me) take note on what apps you download

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