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Is that a fist I see down there??

Just one of those random thoughts of the day. I was standing eating my lunch and looked out of the office widnows (we’re 6 floors up). I looked down at the sign of the estate we’re on and thought .. that looks like a first?  Am I bonkers?? Well you tell me as here is picture of said sign :

OK could also be a thumbs up (is that a point for a G+ share)? Or a robotic hand clenched as one big finger? Anyhow, that is my random thought of the day; as you can tell my day is such an exciting one today…

O well, one quite break from my daily stand-up presentation I am writing – how I can improve my scrum team as their stand-ups lack conviction..

Think I will have to start taking more photo’s for this blog and other sites as so much fun stuff around these days – it seems that people are having fun with their signs. Do you have a fun one to mention? Leave a comment about any funny sign you have seen…

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