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You know what I love about Thursday’s…

Not a lot really. Their kind of like a tease for Friday I always thin. A day when you wake up and think last day of work week and the realize its not… That said, if doing my own thing then that may not be the case – but it is at the moment.

Its not for not trying on doing own thing; there are so many things out there. But that is the problem, like with blogs and blogging – working for yourself you have to get seen.. And until then its rely on you good old 9-5.. Anyhow, enough of these negative thoughts, you can tell its been one of those days but only 2 more hours to go then its home time.. Away from the issues and problems of work and out to the home iss..ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, home life is not an issue that was a joke. Although give me 12 more weeks till our 2nd child born (got girl and moment and this one is a boy) and I may change that through for a while. We were just lucky that my daughter potty trained herself more or less (we kind of put down and she used for a while and then went to toilet) and although only 3.5 years old she has done away with pull ups (even at night). So cost of nappies only multiplied by one..

Actually; seeing this is one of my more rare blogs talking about myself; our daughter shocked and surprised myself and my wife yesterday. She loves writing on her chalk board with her current favorite being to write her name and mum and dad. and she has no problem counting up to around 15 although on a dot to do knows 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. And she has no problem with simple additions like 2+3, 1+2, etc.. So you will understand why this shocked us.

She wrote 100 on the board and said daddy thats one hundred. She then proceeded to write 200, 300 … 900 and say them all.. We were saying well done, where did you learn that from as we never taught you, etc.. Then she wrote 1000 and that’s one thousand.. erm, ok.. 2000, 3000.. etc..

To think about 2 weeks ago I was only explaining to here that 2 and 0 together made 20 (twenty) and same with 30, 40, etc..ย  didn’t reach hundreds and thousands.. So, daughter of mine.. when your a millionaire don’t forget daddy ๐Ÿ™‚

So; tomorrow is Friday and we have nothing lined up this week (last week we were down on coast as it was my 42’nd birthday). But that’s good as it may give me time to finish off my new website venture of . I am using TheHostingTool but have an error in the client section I can’t figure – although has no problem setting up the accounts. O and I need to go find somewhere to place add for our and which is another venture… Websites, repairs, hostings, etc.. surely something has got to pay offย ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyhow, enough random for today.. Probably be 6 months to the next random blog.. but who knows.

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