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How green is your computing; does green mean low power

So, this has been something I have thought about for a long time; and especially more so now with rising energy costs.

A few years ago or so I remember watching an episode of The Dragons Den  ( I won’t explain program to those that know, best to go and look up but consists of people trying to get money) on which a guy/company came to the den trying to get funding for his brand of green PC computers.

These days doing a search for green pc will bring you back many pages in your search and there are indeed many solutions out there – many seeming to run things like Intel Atom processors.

Now, the second reason I was thinking green was because of my purchase of the Mac Mini as on the Apple website it has the following; and I quote;

“Mac mini is the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer. It’s also highly recyclable and has a tiny package for efficient shipping. All in all, that’s no small thing.”

This seems like a bit of a statement from what my investigation has seen but could be true? But what I can say is this; that the Mac Mini is certainly far superior in computing power compared to the other green computers I have seen.

If this statement is trye it means that green computing doesn’t have to mean lower computing power as I have first hand experience in the speed and power of the new Mac Mini (I’m very impressed with me 2.5Ghz i5 Mac Mini) but have to say that I have no experience of one of these others.

Infact, I am still waiting on my chance to be able to buy a Raspberry Pi. This I believe would certainly be very low in power consumption; although this I would need to validate when I had one. But again I don’t believe this would have the same level of computing power.

So; moral is. If looking for green computing then check out Apple Mini’s. If looking for sheer power; well green would not be a thought…

Anyone have any experience in a green PC? Leave a comment.


Mac Mini up and running, but doesn’t like the virtual driver for window 7

So now for something a bit more techie based – Ya you all say. (Just to note; I will be cutting a video using iMovie – reason why later – an posting on YouTube and blog later, so be warned 🙂 )

So, not sure if I said but I sold my old Mac Pro I had as it took up a bit of space I needed and I found that software I was running such as Final Cut Pro 7 was only multi-core aware so wasn’t using to capability. I opted  to use the cash to buy a new Mac Mini – went for the new 2011 model i5 2.5Ghz one with the ATI graphics. Specs are standard so go check out on Apple site if curious. Though as a side note I will be getting 8Gb of crucial memory and changing next month – vastly cheaper than getting with machine.

Anyhow, so.. A single i5 at 2.5Ghz should be faster than a Xeon 3Ghz from 2006 in my believe (and I presume in facts too) so I will be looking to get quicker renders in FCP7… That is, when I get it installed. Which brings me to the title of this blog update.

So, following the instructions from Apple I downloaded the share utility and ran on my Windows7 PC.. Ok, removed the ask permission button to make easier. So I go back to my Mac and see drive in the virtual drive list – perfect so far.

Next step, I put in my FCP7 (first DVD of FCS3) and can see update on disk list with name. Double click icon to open it, wait..wait..wait.. and then I get error basically saying can’t read. Typical. Anyhow; prompted  me to go onto ebay and buy a USB External drive (not an Apple one) and I managed to get a USB combo bluray and dvd writer for like 30GBP which was excellent. So just waiting for that now.

Anyhow, this doesn’t excuse the issue that I have had with this virtual drive. I haven’t checked my other software like MS Office and AE CS3 but has anyone experienced the last of being able to use their PC as a virtual drive?

Anyhow, look out for video that will be done in iMovie hehe..

As a P.S. note – I have to say that I am impressed so far with this little powerhorse of a machine. OK, most of last night was spent with update but its quite and seemed to be performing well in the things I was doing. One of which is in the P.S.S next..

P.S.S. Not going to keep secret here. So those of you that have seen my video reviews saw that some time ago I did a review on Flux3. Flux4 has now come out and I have now as a first item install on my Mac Mini a review copy of this. so look out for this coming in the next few weeks.

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