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One for the sm.. Well big guy

So, its been reported that HTC have won a case against Apple over the swipe to unlock feature. Now personally I think this is a good thing as if Apple had won then Android phones would have to rethink along with lots of other OS.

No I like Apple products, don’t get me wrong; but I hate the way that they are so tied in to Apple only and they hold a hammer fist approach to most things which drives up the costs. That’s one reason why I do have more software, hardware, etc in my PC – although I do love my little Mac Mini (ya). But more and more Apple seem to be trying to hold down everyone (like Samsung) which is quite funny as these little guys provide some of the vital parts for things like iPad screens – but there you go..?? Anyhow, ya to HTC.

That said, I then saw a story in the news about Android phones being used as botnet some researchers have found? Evidence has been uncovered, it reckons, that spam has / is being sent to Yahoo mail servers by Android devices. Now this is scary from my perspective as imagine the phone bill of all that potential data usage ūüôā ¬†that is unless these botnet softwares only do it when plugged into wifi.. Would that be a user friendly botnet? I would presume that people writing these botnet softwares wouldn’t care about your bill??? So; if had an Android phone (like me) take note on what apps you download


How do you create an online store to make money

Well, in today’s online world we all want to try and grab a bit of that pie. We all like to buy and sell online and making cash online has been a limited¬†privileged¬†or secret¬†art form¬†costing money to have you page created. That is until recent times. Now you don’t even have to have stock to make money from sales online.

What am I talking about? Well companies such as Amazon now allow you to create a virtual store linking into them from which you earn a percentage for each and every sale that is done through your store. This offering from Amazon is called an aStore and is very easy to do. You go onto their page, join their affiliate program and create you aStore choosing what items you want (or categories of items) to sell. Once you’ve done that it gives you the code you put on your page (or a link if you choose) and that’s it. Add that to your page and you have an online store.

More affiliate and associate schemes are becoming available now for every day users although you still have to spend time to drive sales through them. That is the bottom line in that you don’t need products, you don’t need to code, you just need to get people to go and buy.

If you want an example of what one of these stores can look like goto and select the Store option. There you will see a aStore I setup. O, and if looking to buy please feel free Рafter all your buying from Amazon and helping me out too

When starting out you need multiple business opportunities

Many years ago now I said “I want my own business”. Infact; when I was about 21 I applied to the Princes Trust here in the UK and went along for an interview. What came out of that meeting was that I needed to put together a business model, plan, etc and that they helped with that – giving the info an knowledge.

As it was the idea I had, although was good at the time, would have not worked long term – especially with the Internet; but was my first delve into this idea.

What did come out of that through thinking about the idea was my¬†realization¬†that you need to have more than one business. Why so you may ask… Well, not all but many businesses are seasonal – lets take holiday lets for example.. During the winter there would be a considerable reduction in the bookings (although many hotels in UK fine). This can be seen in places such as Ayia Napa in Cyprus where most of the town shuts down (certainly the hotels I tried to book) from around November to February.

So, getting back to at hand.. Many businesses are seasonal. So if we take this as a fact we know that at certain times of the year we would not be making any money… bad bad bad. However, if we had, say, a second seasonal business THAT had its peak season during the slump in the other business season then we have money flow.

Now this could be expanded to do 4 or 5 (I always imagined 5 businesses myself) businesses depending on the seasonality of your ideas but you can get the idea. 

Now; when your business is large and having a great cashflow then having multiple businesses is not¬†manageable¬†so we’re talking starting out or small businesses in this mail. However, if you have a large business that is self contained and being managed by say .. a manager ¬† then you as an individual may want that challenge of starting a second.

I am following my own advice to this end. Having recently started up¬†TechnologistPR¬†I have now also started up¬†Technologist-Consultancy¬†(although website is currently pending as only just registered – so currently going there won’t display anything).

So, as currently waiting for backlinks I have put in for TechnologistPR to become active I get to work on my second idea (and something I can honestly say I have a great experience in). Is this the end? Nope, there are more I have in my head but 2 at a time…

So, I refer you back to the title. If you want to start a business then do so; but at the same time think if there is any seasonality to it and if so start two.

First Raspberry Pi’s to be delivered

UK, 13th April 2012

The first batch of the Raspberry Pi’s computers are to be issued to buyers. The cheap bare bones tiny computer is finally; after production issues; to be sent out to early buyers of the system.

Those eager fans that were first to order; it has been reported that they should receive their Raspberry Pi by 20th April. This first production batch has been delayed twice now; firstly due to a wrong component being soldered to the circuits and second time over confusion about electromagnetic testing.

With these first batch of Raspberry Pi’s about to go out; hopefully they will be able to start selling to the public again soon.

QR Codes, am I late to the party or still in with the flow

So, above you can see a QR code (or Quick Response code) which basically is our new website encoded into the image.So, not sure if I need to explain in detail about QR codes but to be honest if have any questions its better to go to the wiki here as that has the details.

So we can see they have been around for a while and are now being more widely used; pepsi have had them on their cans for a while for example. But do we really need one? I mean, people are still going to see you text, webpage, etc without but to be honest they look kewl AND the¬†inquisitive¬†like myself will scan everyone they come across which may get more of your content viewed -although doesn’t mean that your going to sell any service(s) or goods.

But to my title a little; am I late (are you late). Simple answer is no; this is I believe in the early flow as more and more people take up QR Codes. However, ¬†do you need one? Well yes is a short answer as it doesn’t hurt generating one (and on the web takes just a few seconds). However, your lively hood is not going to take a hit without one..

If wanting to generate just go type QR Code generate in that google search bar… ¬†Enjoy

The right SEO can make or break your site, and its a tricky fine line

Really the title says it all but I will spend a little time waffling on in here to expand on this comment.. So, this comment comes from two recent things I have worked on. First one is our new trading website which I have mentioned before. We are offering quite a wide variety of services which we have between us and so have quite a wide keyword catchment.

Second reference is a recent (in the last few days) review I have done on Link-Assistant SEO PowerSuite software package. This package is a collection of four SEO applications to help you with your SEO (although no magic buttons). SEO is made easier with the tools; well if you use the tools right; but your end production is only as good as your beginning.

So, keywords, backlinks, these are words you will need to become familiar with if you are to get good SEO. But what is a good keyword? Answer is one with a good KEI (keyword efficiency index) which basically is a calculation using number you give in relation to your site content, number of searches for keyword per month and number of competitors. Well actually is number of searches*number of searches/competitors. But by adding your own weight to it allows you to define keywords important to your site.

Backlinks are a little more simple to define but more difficult to do. Basically a backlink is a link to your website from another website. So for example; if you have setup a forum user name for X forum and you put in your web address. If a search engine like say google comes across that link while crawling this X forum then that is a backlink for you. The more backlinks, the higher page rating, the higher you appear in the search engine results. Simple see, though this requires lots of work putting in backlinks on all these other pages. Also takes time and energy finding sites for backlinks.

So, that’s my waffle to expand on my title. Maybe I’ll do a bigger¬†explanation¬†on this in future. This in its self is the most simplex example I could do as for SEO there is more involved than just this. However, these small tips will help increase that all important page ranking.

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