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If you build it, they will come… Or not? How do you get more traffic in google

I read a great whitepaper yesterday on Google Panda and getting your page noticed. The title (that can be associated with a 90’s or there about movie – well half of the title) reflects a number of peoples thoughts on if they build a webpage then people will come and view it; but which tends not to be the usual case without a lot of post built work.

So, when I first went on the internet back in 1994 there were not so many webpages out there and a lot of those I visited were from word of mouth.I remember creating my first webpage as part of my degree course back in early 95 – it was to do with user interfaces. Quite funny as was basically like 3 or 4 pages; top page had my picture and bit of text and then hyper links to other pages. O the complex pages back then hehe.

Anyhow, progression from those days has happens and probably billions of more pages have now appeared. I still probably go word of mouth on a lot of pages I visit but I do; like others; use those wonderful search engines out there like Google, Yahoo, etc.

So… Phew… this brings me to the point of the post and title. Creating a great webpage is good but you need to get it index on search engines to get any visitors at all. Now it used to be that SEO was about getting the right combination of keywords and text on page plus backlinks; however with Panda this has now changed. Now; to raise you page ranking they take into consideration thinks like bounce percentage and time on site, etc.

So now it seems that its more important to get both your keywords perfect for the content of your site and to have good content on your first page to draw people in. I’d still say its important to get backlinks in because they are the advertising for you site – people could come across them while browsing another but the emphasis has to be on content of webpage and correct keywords if to rank high in Google.

So there be the break down of this white paper – 26 pages into 2 paragraphs. Obviously there is more to it than this but; and I’m going to repeat myself here; as long as you have good quality keywords (and making them as precise as possible) an a good quality page then once submitted and page been crawled you should in time get people visiting…

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