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How do you create an online store to make money

Well, in today’s online world we all want to try and grab a bit of that pie. We all like to buy and sell online and making cash online has been a limited privileged or secret art form costing money to have you page created. That is until recent times. Now you don’t even have to have stock to make money from sales online.

What am I talking about? Well companies such as Amazon now allow you to create a virtual store linking into them from which you earn a percentage for each and every sale that is done through your store. This offering from Amazon is called an aStore and is very easy to do. You go onto their page, join their affiliate program and create you aStore choosing what items you want (or categories of items) to sell. Once you’ve done that it gives you the code you put on your page (or a link if you choose) and that’s it. Add that to your page and you have an online store.

More affiliate and associate schemes are becoming available now for every day users although you still have to spend time to drive sales through them. That is the bottom line in that you don’t need products, you don’t need to code, you just need to get people to go and buy.

If you want an example of what one of these stores can look like goto and select the Store option. There you will see a aStore I setup. O, and if looking to buy please feel free – after all your buying from Amazon and helping me out too


How to blog for money – eye opener

Before I begin, don’t get me wrong I do have advertising links and Amazon affiliate stuff on my blog(s) as its would be nice to earn a little for content. Though I have to say I don’t 🙂  so I don’t think earning from blogging is a bad thing but things can be an eye opener.

Out of an interest I decided to go to and search for “how to blog for money”; surprisingly it returned 3,750,000,000 results… So 3.75 billion results from that simple search.. I mean, the sheer number of blogs and sites that have this is immense. With such a number of people in the entire world of the Internet trying to earn money you either have to be outstanding OR lucky, or expect little cash…

Needless to say we are not condoling clicking on links just for sake of clicking as this doesn’t do anyone any good – advertising is only to be clicked on to find out more about item advertised. This blog post is more about opening peoples eyes that if trying to earn money for a blog then you may not get as much; if any; as you expect…

See the other 3,749,999,999 of you around 🙂

A week away and Adobe Cloud it active

Well, I certainly picked the wrong Friday to go on holiday 🙂   but little did I know back in Jan/Feb that I would have, first, subscribed to Adobe Cloud and second that it would be activated the day I went away for a week.

Anyhow, I saw that email about it being live while surfing on the free wifi in the hotel I was staying at in Majorca and although envious of those playing with CS6; I was still enjoying the sun.

Fast forward till last Saturday (19th) and I was back in the UK ya. Up to my PC (I can install and run software on both my Mac and PC – but chose PC for initial install as more Harddrive space) and I was off – downloading 16 items.

So far I have cut one quick vlog video using Premier CS6  (nice); played a little with the tracking in AE CS6 and looked at Photoshop CS6. O; and I have looked at Muse and Dreamweaver which maybe fun going forward.

Moving forward I will certainly be giving my thoughts on the CS6 products – or rather those I use. At the moment, for example, I’m finding it hard to see use of Muse. Its a nice interface for building site but when I went to edit page the in editor seemed quite weak. That said, after playing more I may find a better use???

In the mean time; anyone else had opportunity to play with the CS6 tools.

Cheapest way to upgrade a system???

Is there a cheap way at the moment? I was checking out upgrading my PC from the i7 920 to a i7 2600 now that the new processors coming out and was still surprised to see costs high. As an example, I was watching a bundle of cpu, motherboard and memory go on ebay for over 320GBP.

I then saw some Advent (Curry’s own brand I believe) complete systems going for around 450GBP which were i7 2600, 8GB memory, 2GB WD hard drive, ATI 6770 and all the other general stuff. So for just over 100 more you get an actual PC. Buck for buck the entire PC works out cheaper. OK, the motherboard is one of cheaper ones; but with i7 2600 still costing 224GBP in shops…

One idea you may want to follow (and something I am testing having got one of these PC’s) and my idea (that is if I don’t like the configuration of the system; i.e. the case look) is to strip out the processor, motherboard and memory and replace with parts I want to upgrade from; in my case the i7 920. Then resell the system with a smaller loss. So my aim for example is to make 320-340 back meaning I will have upgraded for around 110GBP.

Now; at a later date I may want to upgrade the motherboard – but this still will mean I paid 110 for processor and memory.. Make sense? Certainly considering that with motherboard it would still be below 200 and not over 320. Could even swap out 2Gb hard drive for a 500Gb got spare – even more financial sense.

Now; I may get back later and think “I like the design of this system” and so swap out the 6770 and put in my 6950 and sell on other system. But; either way to me this seems like the cheapest way to upgrade.

I’ll let you guys know in a few weeks if this plan works out..   Anyone want to buy a i7 920 gaming system with 12Gb of ram and 6770   😉

If you build it, they will come… Or not? How do you get more traffic in google

I read a great whitepaper yesterday on Google Panda and getting your page noticed. The title (that can be associated with a 90’s or there about movie – well half of the title) reflects a number of peoples thoughts on if they build a webpage then people will come and view it; but which tends not to be the usual case without a lot of post built work.

So, when I first went on the internet back in 1994 there were not so many webpages out there and a lot of those I visited were from word of mouth.I remember creating my first webpage as part of my degree course back in early 95 – it was to do with user interfaces. Quite funny as was basically like 3 or 4 pages; top page had my picture and bit of text and then hyper links to other pages. O the complex pages back then hehe.

Anyhow, progression from those days has happens and probably billions of more pages have now appeared. I still probably go word of mouth on a lot of pages I visit but I do; like others; use those wonderful search engines out there like Google, Yahoo, etc.

So… Phew… this brings me to the point of the post and title. Creating a great webpage is good but you need to get it index on search engines to get any visitors at all. Now it used to be that SEO was about getting the right combination of keywords and text on page plus backlinks; however with Panda this has now changed. Now; to raise you page ranking they take into consideration thinks like bounce percentage and time on site, etc.

So now it seems that its more important to get both your keywords perfect for the content of your site and to have good content on your first page to draw people in. I’d still say its important to get backlinks in because they are the advertising for you site – people could come across them while browsing another but the emphasis has to be on content of webpage and correct keywords if to rank high in Google.

So there be the break down of this white paper – 26 pages into 2 paragraphs. Obviously there is more to it than this but; and I’m going to repeat myself here; as long as you have good quality keywords (and making them as precise as possible) an a good quality page then once submitted and page been crawled you should in time get people visiting…

Thanks for reading this far and if you like and would see more please click that +1   and share 😉

When starting out you need multiple business opportunities

Many years ago now I said “I want my own business”. Infact; when I was about 21 I applied to the Princes Trust here in the UK and went along for an interview. What came out of that meeting was that I needed to put together a business model, plan, etc and that they helped with that – giving the info an knowledge.

As it was the idea I had, although was good at the time, would have not worked long term – especially with the Internet; but was my first delve into this idea.

What did come out of that through thinking about the idea was my realization that you need to have more than one business. Why so you may ask… Well, not all but many businesses are seasonal – lets take holiday lets for example.. During the winter there would be a considerable reduction in the bookings (although many hotels in UK fine). This can be seen in places such as Ayia Napa in Cyprus where most of the town shuts down (certainly the hotels I tried to book) from around November to February.

So, getting back to at hand.. Many businesses are seasonal. So if we take this as a fact we know that at certain times of the year we would not be making any money… bad bad bad. However, if we had, say, a second seasonal business THAT had its peak season during the slump in the other business season then we have money flow.

Now this could be expanded to do 4 or 5 (I always imagined 5 businesses myself) businesses depending on the seasonality of your ideas but you can get the idea. 

Now; when your business is large and having a great cashflow then having multiple businesses is not manageable so we’re talking starting out or small businesses in this mail. However, if you have a large business that is self contained and being managed by say .. a manager   then you as an individual may want that challenge of starting a second.

I am following my own advice to this end. Having recently started up TechnologistPR I have now also started up Technologist-Consultancy (although website is currently pending as only just registered – so currently going there won’t display anything).

So, as currently waiting for backlinks I have put in for TechnologistPR to become active I get to work on my second idea (and something I can honestly say I have a great experience in). Is this the end? Nope, there are more I have in my head but 2 at a time…

So, I refer you back to the title. If you want to start a business then do so; but at the same time think if there is any seasonality to it and if so start two.

Youtube mobile view bot hack fixed, but do we think this will be the end of it?

So, it seems, in the last few days YouTube; after a few weeks or working on the issue; have released a fix into the system to stop the rampant mobile views bot hack that has put lots of videos to the most viewed status.

Of late we have seen many videos suddenly appear on the most viewed list with millions of views in just one day an all from a mobile device. This hack/bot has removed videos that should have been there through hard work and instead we’ve been seeing boring, crap, and otherwise none entertaining videos instead.

I make videos.. check out TheGeekFiles Channel

which is my YouTube channel. I mainly do software (and sometimes hardware) reviews but do have other things also. Now I don’t get lots of views, though do have enough, but all mine are hard work. Yes it would be great to get more.. It would also be great to get my Adsense turned back on after some invalid clicks a year and half ago (not my doing). But I don’t abandon, I push forward 🙂

But my message is really that this is a good thing. However, do I think this will stop botting on YouTube? No! I am sure there will be more bots, more invalid views although maybe not up to the extent of the mobile views hack. But who knows. What does everyone else thing?

By the way, more Linux stuff coming soon.

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