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Genesis Framework for WordPress review

Genesis Framework is a great framework for WordPress. Hmm, I do explain it a little better in the video ūüôā ¬†Basically this video talks about Genesis showing you what can be done with the framework and a theme (this website being the example).

Please do check it out and comment.



Reviewing the WordPress Genesis Framework and Eleven40 theme

For those that don’t know, Genesis is a Framework by¬†Studiopress¬†with a default theme you plug into WordPress. Its not free, you have to buy it, but unlike free themes and many premium; because its a framework you have lots of options.

With click of a button you can change your screen to have header and content, just content, header, 1 sidebar and content, header and 2 sidebars and content, etc… You get the idea, you can change your layout to a number of configuration. But it doesn’t stop there. Genesis also contains an SEO element; it allows a number of places to place widgets and all this from the GUI; no code required.

Add a little CSS to place items more precise and you soon have a very professional looking webpage. In my testing; in 1 hours I went from a drap site to a quite semi-pro looking site; check out for an example.

Also; keep your eyes peeled for up and coming review if interested.

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