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Using the right tools for the job

No this may sound blatantly obvious but what you have to ask yourself first is “Do I know what the right tools for the job are?”.

I have found in the past that this second question has never been asked or answered and so people have ploughed ahead with tools, adding plug-in’s and trying to make the tool to be the right tool. Certainly some of the tools I work with at the moment in my day job are in this category having plug-in on plug-in. That’s not to say that this final resulting tool doesn’t do the job, though in most cases it is missing one or two things it can’t do; and a little research before probably would have pulled up a better solution (I know this for one as I have used other tools in other roles that did what they wanted – but I was too late to this role to alter).

But another example of this is when creating an online product. So, you want to create a tool that is a cloud based product. What do you use to code it? At this point you have the Java guys saying Java, ASP guys saying, PHP people…. and so on. But which is right? I once went for a job interview where a product was written in ASP (old VB) and it worked well but the founder said to me “if I were to write it now I would do it in Java”.

So, moral.. Before you undertake any work independent on what it is; identify all the tools and choose the best one for the job and not just choose your favorite.

Personally I am in this scenario now – just learning myself some PHP code and maybe Ruby to see what best fits. As a side note, anyone that wants to get involved in some joint business thinking please let me know. We could start a hangout 🙂

If anyone wants to share their experiences of right or wrong tools then please leave a comment ..

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